About IDV

Since 2008 our incredible supporters have helped us to raise over £1 million to reach over 23,000 people in five countries.

We are an England and Wales registered charity that works with communities that have been affected by or are vulnerable to disaster. 

We were co-founded in 2008 by a group of experienced disaster response volunteers, including Andy Chaggar, a survivor of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand who holds a Master’s degree in Social Development Policy and Management with a focus on disasters.

Our founding members started IDV after working with other organisations set up to challenge the notion that ordinary people can’t be disaster response volunteers.

Their experiences as volunteers showed that, with the guidance of knowledgeable leaders, ‘ordinary’ people can make an extraordinary difference in the lives of those affected by or vulnerable to disaster.

Our founders decided that they would build on their collective years of experience to create an organisation committed to sustainable long-term recovery and working in close partnership with survivors and other local partners.

During the next eight years we mobilised over 500 volunteers to support more than 23,000 people affected by major disasters in Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal. We also provided smaller scale relief in Guatemala and Thailand.

Funding challenges and changing personal priorities meant that Nepal was our last international volunteer deployment. However, we continue to support our amazing local partners in Haiti and the Phillipines to this day.

To date we’ve raised over £1 million to support our projects and partners, and we’re incredibly grateful to all of our amazing donors and volunteers for enabling us to make such an incredible impact.

Support Our Work

Our partner-led projects include the HTDC orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Community Risk Reduction and Flood Rescue Boats near Manila, the Philippines.