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Supporting Education

The earthquakes destroyed over 36,000 classrooms and almost one million children were unable to return to their classrooms as a result.

In response we are providing classrooms, school furniture and school supplies.

To date we have helped 2,171 children get back to school but we need your help to support the countless children still unable to return to class, or learning in poor conditions.

It only costs around £16, or about $24, to provide one child with a school desk.

Please donate now or volunteer to support education in Nepal.

Providing Permanent Classrooms

There is a huge need to support the permanent repair and reconstruction of classrooms.

In response we have already repaired four permanent classrooms at the Shree Bim Adarsha school in Bhaktapur.

We also have plans to rebuild classrooms in Sindhupalchok and other districts affected by the earthquakes.


In Gorkha for example a local NGO has requested our volunteers help with the reconstruction of seven schools.

We are currently assessing which of these projects to undertake next.

Please donate now or volunteer to support education in Nepal.

Providing Transitional Learning Centres

Prior to starting permanent construction projects we also provided nine Transitional Learning Centres (TLCs) at schools in the districts of Sindhupalchok, Kavre, Nuwakot and Gorkha.

These TLCs are now providing classroom space for over 700 kids.

Four of our TLCs were provided in Sindhupalchok, which was the worst affected of all Nepal’s districts in terms of damage to classrooms.

Of the 36,000 classrooms destroyed in Nepal over 4,000 of these were in Sindhupalchok.

In Sindhupalchok we have also supported schools in the communities of Pyrae and Balephi by providing school furniture. We have also provided school supplies to 1,400 children in Hagam.

Please donate now or volunteer to support education in Nepal.