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Supporting Education

In Haiti, school is not free. More than 50% of families live in abject poverty, surviving on less than $2 a day. These families can't afford even modest school fees, and all too often their children go without an education.

If children living in poverty are denied an education, their chances of escaping poverty are very low. We have identified 10 vulnerable children who have been affected by generations of poverty and would be unable to attend school without our help. We'll pay their school fees, for their books, school supplies, and any extra help the children need. 

These are all children like Negline. At just five years old, Negline has already lost her home and experienced extreme poverty. Her mother never got to go to school, and without an education her options have been limited for her entire life. She wants Negline to have a brighter future than she did, so she enrolled Negline in our programme.

Meet Negline and a few of her Classmates

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It costs just €38 (£32, $51) to fund a child's education for a month.

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