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Shree Santa Krishna Toilets

The Shree Santa Krishna Primary School is located in Bhaktapur, just 8 miles outside of Kathmandu . The majority of the school’s 54 students come from low-income families, with most of their parents working in nearby brick factories.

The school was damaged by the 2015 earthquakes, blocking two of the toilets, which led to serious sanitary concerns. In addition, the urinals needed a new water supply and additional repairs in order to drain properly. 

In response IDV repaired the damaged toilets and urinals so that they now function properly. In addition we repaired the exterior of the toilet buildings and the surrounding walkways leading to the toilets. The toilet buildings were re-painted as well, in order to improve the overall aesthetic. 

The completion of this project will continue to keep the school’s children healthy and in school learning.

We want to thank The Project Solution for awarding us a grant of $2,500 to make this and previous sanitation work possible.

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