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The Shree Bal Shiksha School

The Shree Bal Shiksha School is located in Sindhupalchok district, which was one of the worst affected by the earthquakes.

The school was badly damaged by the disasters and its 600 kids were forced to learn in temporary classrooms, and even some of the damaged buildings.

The school's temporary classrooms were rapidly deteriorating and fast becoming unfit for purpose.  The damaged buildings were unsafe and the kids were at risk from injury, or worse.

In response we provided five new classrooms through the renovation of one of the school's existing buildings. The existing building already had a concrete slab and columns, as well as a steel roof. 

Our work at the school provided exterior and dividing walls, as well as doors and windows, to turn the structure into five complete classrooms. This work allowed students to move out of their dangerous and unfit classrooms into safe, beautiful new ones.

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