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Shelter and Non-Food Items

The Nepal earthquakes destroyed over 500,000 homes, and damaged many thousands more.

With Nepal now in the grip of a freezing winter tens of thousands of Nepali’s are still living in tents and other inadequate shelter.

So, in January 2016, we began distributing blankets and other winter relief items.

We have already helped 230 families in this way, and we hope to run more distributions in the future, but we need your help to reach even more survivors.

It only costs £14, or around $20, to provide a family with blankets.

Please donate now to provide winter relief in Nepal.

Providing Immediate and Transitional Shelter in Nepal

After the first earthquake affected families began working hard to build themselves new shelters. 

Many began construction frames using bamboo, which is readily and cheaply available.

However, survivors are limited to what other materials they can salvage from their homes and struggle to find what else they need. 

In response we have provided immediate shelter materials and essential household items, like cooking pots, to 1,491 survivors. 

Also, in mid February 2016 IDV teamed up with NVP to provide steel framed transitional shelters. We aim to continue our work with NVP moving forward. 

Please donate now to provide more shelter and household items in Nepal. 

Developing Permanent Shelter Solutions

While there is an ongoing need to improve transitional shelters in Nepal this solution is still a temporary one.
There is also a huge need to support permanent rebuilding and reconstruction.

Permanent shelter is always complicated however, and Nepal’s extreme terrain presents challenges to transporting building materials to remote areas.


In response we are evaluating the use of earthbag construction in Sindhupalchok. This would eliminate the need to transport significant amounts of materials which could instead be sourced on site.

Our team in Nepal has already supported the construction of one pilot earthbag house in Sukute and we are hoping to build more earthbag structures to further develop our understanding of how the process could be more widely applied.

Please donate now to help us develop permanent shelter solutions in Nepal.