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Shelter and Non-Food Items

The Nepal earthquakes destroyed over 500,000 homes, and damaged many thousands more.

Affected families immediately began working hard to build themselves new shelters, and many began constructing basic frames using bamboo, which is readily and cheaply available.

However, survivors were limited to what other materials they could salvage from their homes and struggled to find what else they needed.

In response we provided immediate shelter materials to 280 families to protect them from Nepal’s fierce elements. We also provided essential items like cooking pots and warm blankets to 260 further families. In February of 2016 we also teamed up with the Nepal National Volunteering Program to provided transitional shelter.

We are currently working on permanent rebuilding projects but at the moment these are focused on schools rather than homes. However, with so many Nepali’s still living in inadequate shelter we are keen to support further home building if funding allows.