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Sarah Hughes: Head of Human Resources / Chair of Board

Sarah has worked in HR for 17 years and her experience covers the private, public and not for profit sectors. She is also a co-founder of IDV.

Sarah has experience of volunteering in four disaster zones, and combined with her background in recruitment, policy writing, employee relations issues, and health and safety, this makes her a critical IDV team member.



Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.
CIPD Qualified
BSc Business Studies and French

Personal Notes

Sarah moved to Bristol in 2001, she has yet to pick up the local accent and happily goes by the nickname of Essex, her home county. Sarah loves travelling and has spent a number of years travelling and volunteering around the globe. Whilst at home she keeps herself busy singing with a local community a cappella choir and has recently become a lindy hop fanatic, and is looking forward to combining her passion from travel with this new hobby by attending festivals across the world.

Why did you join IDV?

"I first volunteered in disaster recovery in Thailand after the 2004 Tsunami, I went for 2 weeks and stayed for 6 months. I didn't want to leave it as a one off experience and so a few years later headed to Peru to volunteer again in disaster recovery. I met up with Andy [Chaggar, IDV CEO] again who I'd first met in Thailand and when he asked me to help him in setting up a volunteer driven disaster recovery charity I was happy to help. I initially thought I'd help with a few HR policies and some advice about volunteer management, little did I know I'd still be working with IDV 6 years later and would now be Chair of the Board of Trustees. IDV has developed so much in that time and its great to see all the survivors we have helped and the volunteers we have inspired to get involved. "