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Rescue Boats

In the Philippines, the question isn't if the next Typhoon or flood will strike – it's when.

So we provide rescue boats for the community of Banaba.

These boats are used during and after typhoons and floods to make sure that families can get to safety.

They are proven lifesavers during the 20+ typhoons and floods that affect the Philippines every year.

During just one tropical storm in September 2014, our rescue boats saved 185 people who had become trapped by the rising flood waters. These people included 1 year 9 month old Lee and her family.

We’ve provided seven rescue boats so far but more are needed to keep families in Banaba safe. So, we are always seeking more boat sponsors.

For £500 (€677, $771) you can sponsor the construction of a small boat. These nimble 2.4m x 1.2m (8'x4') craft are the strike force of rescue boats – they can respond quickly and access hard to reach locations.

You can also sponsor the construction of a larger boat for £2,200 (€2,979, $3,398). These sturdier 3.7m x 1.5m (12'x5') craft can carry up to 12 people - they are able to evacuate bigger groups more easily.

“Sponsor a boat” is a great goal for a fundraising event. If you sponsor a boat, you'll get to choose the colour of its paint job.

Your boat can also feature the logo of a company, the names of your fundraising team, the mascot of your school, or even a tribute to a loved one who has passed.

A boat can feature whatever you like, so if you'd like to get involved just contact us!

You can also learn more about fundraising for IDV here.

You can also make a donation here.