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Providing Water

Nepal’s water systems functioned poorly even before the earthquakes and it's estimated that the disasters left 1.1 million more people with an unsafe or inadequate water supply.

In response we worked to improve both the quality and quantity of survivors’ water supply.

We installed two large water tanks and filtration systems in the Lamoshamgu temporary settlement to provide water to around 80 families (or about 400 people).

We also installed a large water tank at the Shree Bal Shiksha school in Sindhupalchok.  Prior to our work the school was using the same water supply as the rest of the community and this frequently ran dry. As well as providing the new tank and a filtration system we also connected it directly to a new water source. This work provided water for over 600 students.

We are keen to provide water to even more survivors but moving forward we plan to fold this work into larger rebuilding projects, including at schools.