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Early Accomplishments

On November 12th, we announced our response to Super Typhoon Haiyan. Thanks to the support of donors worldwide, we were able to hit the ground running. 

From November 2013 to January 2014, your support allowed us to achieve the following:

  • Donated 80 kg of medical supplies to four clinics in and around Tacloban. The supplies donated by IDV have been used to provide medical treatment to thousands of survivors, including the deworming of 500 kids in the village of Cangumbang.
  • In addition we have facilitated ‘swaps’ of medical supplies between these, and other, clinics allowing surplus stock in one location to be used to fill gaps in others.
  • Provided emergency shelter and protection. IDV provided tarps and rain boots for a local midwife, called Virginia, at a clinic in Santa Fe, just outside of Tacloban. This was the first aid she'd received since the typhoon and it meant she could keep the rain out of her clinic and her feet dry. Prior to IDV’s arrival Virginia had delivered around 30 babies since the typhoon while exposed to the elements. (Learn more)
  • Repaired the roof on the property belonging to Filipino NGO ‘Volunteer for the Visayans’ (VFV).  This has allowed this powerful local group to expand their work helping their own community. This was particularly important for VFV's feeding program, which is now fully up and running feeding the community's most vulnerable children thanks to IDV.
  •  Helped safely remove a damaged steel roof from the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth. The center works to rehabilitate children, and young adults, who have been involved with crime, and is the only facility of its kind in the area. IDV also provided tarps for the center to create a temporary roof. The result is that the center is now safe for use, and has re-opened. It is now providing essential services to support children at risk of re-offending. 
  • Performed a structural analysis on a community center in Cangumbang and provided a work plan to repair damage caused by the typhoon.
  • Worked with VFV, HopeForce International (HFI), and the Filipino military to run medical missions in three rural communities. This is a great example of IDV working in partnership with other groups, which we will continue to do moving forward, to meet the needs of survivors. VFV provided nurses, HFI provided doctors and IDV were responsible for the logistics, including the recruitment of the military for transportation. In total, 600 people, who had not seen a doctor since the storm, received medical treatment as a result.
  • Re-opened Tacloban’s only school for children with developmental difficulties, the Aram Learning Studio.  IDV provided funding to repair the damage caused by the typhoon.  This was necessary for the school to re-open and IDV has also recently committed funding to meet three months of the school’s running costs.  The school was previously privately funded through the parents of enrolled children, but with their livelihoods destroyed by Yolanda, external support will be needed during typhoon recovery.
  • Worked with the Aram Learning Studio to provide psychosocial first aid to traumatized children in Tacloban.
  • Working with VFV to start debris clean-up in the Barangay of Bliss, in Tacloban.  Local and international volunteers are working together to manually remove debris from areas that cannot be reached by heavy machinery.
  •  Installing tarps as a temporary roof at a school in Palo after assessing that the building was otherwise structurally sound.  This will allow children to return to a school in a dry and safe environment.
We’d like to extend a warm thank you to each and every donor who has supported us so far. In particular we’d like to thank GlobalGiving for their grants totaling $115,000Joyson Pte Ltd for their donation of medical supplies, and all the companies that donated Trade Pounds to fund our UK support costs.
Please Give What You Can