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Meet Virginia

One of the most inspiring stories we’ve heard centres on a local midwife named Virginia who works in a town called Santa Fe, just outside Tacloban.

You might have seen Virginia being interviewed by the international media.  Despite this attention, prior to our team's arrival she hadn’t received any international relief.  Her clinic – shown here - has a gaping hole in its roof and her home has been completely destroyed. In spite of the damage to her clinic Virginia has still delivered over thirty babies since typhoon Haiyan struck. 

Despite everything she’s been through, when our team reached her clinic her requests were simple – she wanted tarpaulin to cover the holes in her roof, so that she could deliver babies without the rain coming in, and some wellington boots to keep her feet dry. On November 28th -  Thanksgiving Day - our team provided those items.
While boots and tarpaulin may not sound like much, they’re the first international help that Virginia has received.  These small gifts are now allowing her to deliver babies without being rained on, and they’ve made a huge difference to her state of mind as she now knows the world hasn't forgotten her. That someone cared enough to help keep the rain out gives Virginia the strength to carry on.
With your support, we’ll do a great deal more for Virginia and survivors like her in the weeks and months to come.
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