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Andy Chaggar's Search and Work Continues after The Gift


IDV’s CEO Andy Chaggar was recently featured in episode three of The Gift on BBC1.  

Andy is disappointed the programme's search was unsuccesful but he's not given up hope yet!  He's also continuing to help his fellow disaster survivors.

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Ten years ago Andy lost his partner, and nearly also his own life, in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.  After four hours trapped in the rubble Andy was eventually rescued by three men who he then lost all contact with.

Andy went on to co-found IDV but he’s never been able to say thank you to the men who saved his life and allowed him to spend the next decade helping over 14,000 other disaster survivors.

In episode three of The Gift presenter Matt Baker searched the world to try and track down Andy’s rescuers.  Sadly the search was unsuccessful but Andy is incredibly grateful for all the effort made by so many people.

Andy's also hopeful that the programme’s broadcast might lead to some further developments in the search.  So stay tuned for possible updates and please help keep the conversation going by sharing this story on social media. 

If you think you might have information about Andy’s rescuers then please contact us.

Meanwhile Andy will continue his work with IDV helping fellow disaster survivors.  He would greatly appreciate any further help with the search, or any support of IDV's work.

Please also consider fundraising for IDV.

If you missed the show you can currently watch it on iPlayer.