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Mobile Soup Kitchen

For typhoon survivors living in inadequate shelter, an afternoon of tropical rain often destroyed food stores and made cooking impossible.

Typhoon Haiyan also destroyed livelihoods and many poorer families struggled to put food on the table even when the weather cooperated.

In response, we operated or supported mobile soup kitchens to provide food aid on an “as needed” basis.

These soup kitchens were not a long-term solution to vulnerability in Tacloban. However, for families who lost everything in Haiyan and were still struggling to get back on their feet they provided a lifeline.

Keeping families from going hungry also helped prevent malnutrition and improved survivors’ health in the long-term.

IDV’s own mobile soup kitchen provided emergency food for over 1,500 people in Tacloban. We also supported the work of Rey Vera and his Mobile Soup Kitchen for Kids (MSKK) by helping to provide food for 1,450 survivors of typhoons Haiyan and Hagupit.