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Meet the Kids

Nathaelle Codio

12 year old Nathaelle arrived at the Hands Together to Defend the Children orphanage when she was just 17 days old. Read more »

Avena Rosemanise

9 year old Avena has never been to school before and can't wait to start. Read more »

Negline Dormevile

Negline is just five. In her short life, she's already lost her home and experienced extreme poverty. Read more »

Jean Betrad Lesperance

14 year old Bertrad is excited to restart class, but he's also a bit worried as he's missed three years of school and will be quite behind. Read more »

Shneida Delice

12 year old Shneida hasn't attended school since the earthquake. Read more »

Zacharie Dume

Zach is six years old and lives with his mother, Yolette. Read more »

Sonia L'Esperance

9 year old Sonia has had it tough since January 2010. The earthquake destroyed their home, all their passions, and killed Sonia's mom. Read more »