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Meet the Children

There are 30 children at the Hands Together to Defend the Children orphanage. We've included a few of their stories here. You can contact us to learn more about the kids and how you can help.

Jean- Wikenson

Jean-Wikenson is fourteen years old. His mother died before the earthquake, and after the earthquake his father died of cholera. After he was orphaned he wasforced to sell water on the streets. A friend of the orphanage saw him and brought him to HTDC. He had never attended school before arriving at the orphanage.

Jean-Wilkenson is kind, responsible, and trustworthy. He is a leader among his peers and a trusted helper for the director. Altogether, he is a brilliant kid.



Medjina is just two years old. She was born into a family that was unable to provide for her, and her parents gave her to her grandmother soon after her birth. Her grandmother then brought her to the orphanage when she was no longer able to care for her.

She is a quiet and easy going child. She likes to sing at school and participates a lot in class.



Nolson is six. After the earthquake, his father got sick and died leaving his mother without means to care for him or his two brothers – Nicolson and Wisly. She brought all three of them to the orphanage.

Nolson is very sweet, very cuddly and smiles a lot. He loves to play soccer, does well in school and loves to draw.



Florentina is four years old. She was brought to the orphanage before the earthquake by her aunt after she was abandoned by her parents.

Florentina is a very social and funny girl with a strong personality – many of the volunteers who meet her think she's destined to grow into an actress! She is very charismatic and kind.


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