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Matin-ao Daycare Centre

The Matin-ao community daycare centre is located in the municipality of Burauen, southwest of Tacloban.

The building was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda in the Philippines), and the community's remote rural location meant they received no help for over two and a half years. 

There was severe damage to the building, including the complete loss of its roof. The centre also lost all its educational materials and furniture.

Matin-ao was already a very poor community, with most residents struggling to survive by farming coconuts and root crops. The loss of their day care meant that local children were also further disadvantaged from a very young age, as they were deprived of important opportunities for play and early learning.

So, in July 2016 we repaired and refurbished the daycare. We replaced the lost roof, and also all the doors and windows to make the building watertight again. We also repainted the centre and repaired and provided new furniture. 

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