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Lynda was born in Port au Prince, Haiti. She grew up in a Christian family. “[We were] not rich but [my parents] did their best to educate us.”

Lynda was first driven to learn English so that she could speak to family living overseas. “I had an aunt who lived in the USA, when she came in Haiti, I couldn't understand her when she talked. So, I started to learn English on my own.”

 When we arrived in Haiti, Lynda was working with Brunel, but as a student rather than a teacher. Throughout 2011 we worked with her to improve her English skills and help her learn how to be a teacher. “IDV gave me the opportunity to improve and teach. I will never forget it.”

Today Lynda teaches at the elementary level and trains teachers herself. She says that her favorite thing about teaching is seeing her students' progress. That progress is satisfying because learning English can be a real challenge. “People think learning a language is easy but when they arrive it is not true. That is the reason that sometimes they're discouraged. I really have two works to do - psychology work and academic work!”

Lynda describes her students as “a second family” and was quick to praise EIM. “I think EIM this year is a miracle for Haiti. As you know at EIM we have good teachers…I can't compare this school with others because we are the best!”

It costs just €114 (£93, $150) a month to keep Lynda teaching. Please give what you can to support her hard work.

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