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Long-Term Recovery in Haiti

Between June 2010 and December 2011, IDV welcomed 190 volunteers from 18 counties to work in Port au Prince. The volunteers were aged between 18 and 69 and came from as far afield as Indonesia and as close to home as Haiti itself.

Those volunteers were supported by more than 1,000 donors who gave in excess of £140,000.

Our volunteers' hard work and the generosity of our donors enabled us to complete 20 projects which directly affected the lives of 3,242 earthquake survivors. Because our volunteers covered their living expenses, we used 97% of charitable donations on project costs.

While IDV's international volunteers are no longer working in Haiti, our Orphanage Support, and English projects continue. These projects are helping just shy of 200 Haitians build a bright future.

Please donate today so we can keep changing lives in Port-au-Prince.