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Heroes FAQ

This page provides answers to some common questions people have when considering becoming an IDV Hero.

Do I have to fight supervillains?

No, the reference is metaphorical only.

Do I get a cape?

Sorry but no. There are other perks available however.

Which hero can I be?

You can choose any hero you like, real or fictional, famous or obscure. As long as we can find an avatar picture, then the only limit is your imagination!

Can I change my avatar?

If you change your mind then we’re happy to periodically update your avatar photo. However, please do bear in mind that we’re a small charity so we will ask for some patience.

What happens if you recruit more than 300 heroes?

This would be fantastic, but at the moment we are limiting the numbers to 300.

What if I already make a monthly donation?

If you already donate £10/$15 a month (or more) then you’ll automatically become an IDV Hero without having to do anything else. We’ll be in touch soon to discuss this with you.

However, please note that this only applies if your monthly donation is unallocated. If your monthly donation is currently used to support our overseas projects then you won’t qualify as an IDV Hero.

We’re still extremely grateful for your gift of course, and this will continue to change lives overseas. However, this promotion is specifically targeted at donors willing to support us in the UK.

Can I donate less than £10/$15 a month?

To name you an official IDV Hero we need a monthly donation of at least £10/$15, but if that's a stretch why not pool your resources with a friend, or a group of friends, and form a hero collective? You’ll only get one avatar picture between you however, so we’ll need to talk about how this works when you sign up.

Can I donate more than £10/$15 a month?


What if I have more questions?

No problem, we’re always happy to help. Just email

How do I sign up?

Simply set up a new monthly donation of at least £10/$15 using the any of the methods described here.