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Foyer d'Orelph Orphanage

We built four classrooms, a new kitchen, and a drainage system at the  Foyer d'Orelph Orphanage to improve the living conditions of the 53 chidren who live there.

Project Status:



  • Provide safe, dry classroom space for all the children at the orphanage and at least a further 50 children from the surrounding community by building roofs on six unfinished spaces, providing six dry, safe classrooms and building furniture for the school
  • Create a dry, sanitary cooking and eating space by providing roofing and concrete floors
  • Address sanitation issues by building concrete walkways between the kitchen, school, living quarters, and a drainage system


  • Sanitation improved by new cooking area and concrete walkways
  • All classroom roofs complete

Full Description:

Prior to the earthquake, the Foyer d'Orelph Orphanage was a small association which looked after ten children. After the earthquake, the population swelled, and the directors found themselves with 53 children in their care.

While they have tried valiantly to look after the children, they simply don't have capacity to take care of all the children's needs. As a result, the children's sanitary conditions and educations have suffered.

We've addressed both problems by building new classrooms and a drainage system. 

With Thanks to:

  • Burners Without Borders for their donation to help the orphanage register with the government
  • The Project Solution for their generous donation of $2,700 (EU 1,855) for roofing and drainage improvements.
  • All the donors who have donated of $3,900 (EU 2,700) toward our work at the orphanage

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