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English in Mind Institute

The English in Mind Institute (EIM) teaches English as a vocational skill to more than 150 adult students who attend weekly classes.

In Haiti, more than two thirds of adults lack formal employment, and more than 50% of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day. Without employment, those living in poverty have little chance to better themselves. But despite such high unemployment, not only are there jobs available in Haiti, there is actually a shortage of skilled labour.

English speakers can find work in hotels, restaurants, offices, and can qualify for scholarships, yet there are virtually no free English schools in Port au Prince. Haitians know that with English skills they can find work and a route out of poverty, but most cannot afford to pay for English classes.

EIM fills that gap. The demand for the classes is extraordinary. In 2012, we had more than 450 individuals on our waiting list for a spot in the school.

EIM not only provides a quality education, but certificates of achievement to an international standard at the end of each year, a teacher training course, and a community networking service designed to help students find work.

Meet our Teachers 

EIM accepts volunteers seperately of IDV. If you'd like to volunteer in Haiti to support EIM check out EIM's website here.

It costs €2,151 (£1,801, $2,900) a month to run the school. Your donation, whatever its size will help all of our students find work and, with it, a road out of poverty. Please give what you can.

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