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Empowering Young People

In the Philippines, protecting communities from disasters is a long-term effort, and that's why involving young people is so important.

Local youth group Buklod Ng Kabataan, which means “The Youth Bonding Together”, has been working with Buklod Tao since 2007.

This youth group's mission is beautifully simple – to protect and promote mother earth.

Buklod Ng Kabataan's members understand that when the environment is degraded, floods get worse. So, they work hard to encourage more youth to take responsibility for their environment on whatever scale they can.

IDV is delighted to be supporting Buklod Ng Kabataan's fantastic environmental advocacy work. While in Banaba our volunteers helped Buklod Ng Kabataan members to plan and run a multi day theatre workshop to deliver its message and to engage their peers.

We continue to support the groups involvement in a variety of other workshops and initiatives and consider their requests for help on a case by case basis.

Please consider donating today to help us empower even more young people to take action.