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Emergency Response

In the Philippines, the question isn't if the next Typhoon or flood will strike – it's when.

Preventative measures help limit the worst impacts but we can’t fight the weather completely.

So, we provide Buklod Tao with a standing emergency fund that can be activated by them when a disaster strikes or threatens.


This fund allows them to make advance preparations and launch an immediate response even if communications are down and they can’t contact us for a few days.

Funds are used in a variety of ways including to stockpile emergency supplies such as food and first aid materials.

Funds are also used to purchase phone credit to send early flood warnings by text message, and to keep rescue boat crews in touch with each other.

In the aftermath of a storm or typhoon Buklod Tao then uses the fund to activate its “Community Kitchen”.

Cauldron’s of hot food are prepared to feed evacuees at Buklod Tao’s base and are also sent to other evacuation centres all around Banaba.

During just one tropical storm in September 2014, Buklod Tao's community kitchen served hot, healthy meals to over 1,000 evacuees. These meals helped keep people healthy and provided comfort during difficult times.

We always need more donations to keep this standing emergency fund topped up so please consider donating today.