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Disaster Risk Reduction in the Philippines

Although its big typhoons like Haiyan that make the world news the Philippines is hit by over twenty typhoons and tropical storms in an average year.

This makes it one of the world's most disaster affected countries.

In Manila over 500,000 people live dangerously close to rivers which burst their banks several times a year. This situation clearly highlights the need for a proactive approach to disaster.

We work with an amazing People’s Organisation, called Buklod Tao, in the community of Banaba, just outside Manila. We have been working with Buklod Tao since 2012 to help protect hundreds of local families from the worst impacts of disaster. 

From building Rescue Boats to Empowering Young People, our work is helping Banaba's most vulnerable residents to not only survive, but also to become more able to meet their own needs.

Please consider donating today.