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Case Studies

At IDV, we pride ourselves on working with survivors to achieve long-term change. This broad approach means that our projects sometimes look quite different from one and other. These case studies illustrate how our varied and holistic approach to reducing communities' vulnerability both before and after disaster can lead to fantastic outcomes for survivors. 

While each of these projects is different, they are all built on existing community desires or institutions. By complimenting local initiatives we can build local capacity and create a brighter future for communities worldwide which have been affected by or are vulnerable to disaster.

Case Study 1: English Education

When IDV arrived in Haiti in June 2010, the community immediately began asking for help learning English. The challenges seemed overwhelming, so we started small. That small start has led to the opening of a Haitian led English school. Today, seven Haitians are employed running the school and 140 students are learning the English skills they need to find gainful employment.

Case Study 2: Instition Classique

At IDV, we always seek to bundle projects and encourage networking. This commitment to fostering connections between projects and community leaders creates more resilient and impactful programmes. At Institution Classique, we were able to pair the reconstruction of the school's security wall and five classrooms with the English school's needs, leading to a better outcome for all involved.

Case Study 3: College Adonai

This infrastructure project shows how a relatively simple construction project can increase access to education in the long-term.

Case Study 4: La Main Tendre Orphanage

IDV worked with La Main Tendre Orphanage for more than a year. During that time we were able to invest in the staff's understanding of health and address infrastructure challenges which included drainage, security, and a clean kitchen. Today, the children live in a much healthier and safe environment.

Case Study 5: Hands Together to Defend the Children Orphanage

From an initial investment of less than $200 right after IDV arrived in Haiti, this project grew to secure a safe home, registration, health care, and education for all of the children in the orphanage's care. The multi-service, volunteer driven approach to this project is a great example of how volunteer investment can create long-term change.