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Capacity Building in Nepal

At IDV we have a long history of building the capacity of local people and organisations.

From starting an English school for adults in Haiti, to providing first aid, social media and IT training for local organisations in the Philippines, we have always believed that education is vital to achieving sustainable recovery after disasters.


So, we are now developing our education and training projects in Nepal.

We have received many requests for English teachers to help kids develop their language skills, and also for volunteers to help local teachers develop their general teaching skills.

Many local organisations are also asking for help building their project and administrative capacity.

In response we are currently recruiting Education Project Coordinators who can develop and lead these projects, and we are also looking for volunteers who can help deliver education and training sessions.

Teachers, trainers, social workers, and anyone with experience building the capacity of local people and organisations are particularly encouraged to volunteer with us in Nepal.

Training Hall

To support education and training in Nepal we are opening a dedicated training hall at our base.

Once equipped this training hall will comfortably accommodate sixty people and will be used to host a variety of training and education sessions.

As well as using the hall for our own projects, we will also be offering the facility for use, free of charge, to local NGOs who need a space for their own work.

Other International NGOs will also be welcome to use the space.

Our training hall is located at our base in Patan and if you would like more information about gaining access then please email

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