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Capacity Building

All our work in Manila invests in Buklod Tao's ability to help itself so that Banaba can become less reliant on the support of groups like IDV.

We have also helped build Buklod Tao’s capacity in the following specific ways.  



IT Training

Buklod Tao's leadership works hard to organise their projects, but they have often struggled to keep their computers working and to use technology effectively.

While in Banaba our volunteers delivered IT training to help Buklod Tao’s leaders better understand and maintain their computers and record systems.

We also equipped Buklod Tao with FrontlineSMS and trained them in its use as an early warning system during floods.


Buklod Tao’s projects have an amazing impact in their community but they have often struggled to communicate this to the outside world.

While in Banaba our volunteers worked closely with Buklod Tao to build the group a website, which they continue to maintain and update to this day.

We also helped train Buklod Tao’s leaders to use social media to promote their work and products.

First Aid and Rescue Training

The Rescue Boats we provide in Banaba are all crewed by local residents who take care of their neighbours when floods strike.

They stand ready to respond all year round but the boats are only half the story. In order for the boats to be effective their crews also need knowledge.

So we help keep the boat crews up to date with the latest “Swift Water Rescue” and first aid training so that they can protect their community while also staying safe themselves.