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Buri Daycare Centre

The Buri community daycare centre is located in the municipality of Palo, just outside Tacloban.

The centre was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda in the Philippines) leaving 59 children without important opportunities for play and early learning.

The centre lost all its educational materials and furniture. There was severe damage to the building including the complete loss of its roof.

After Haiyan the 59 children were trying to attend class in the close by community health centre. However this was not a suitable environment for the kids, and daily sessions were regularly cancelled due to schedule conflicts with the health centre’s own work.

In response we repaired and refurbished the daycare.  We replaced the lost roof, and also all the doors and windows to make the building watertight again. We also built a small kitchen so that the kids can receive hot meals.  Finally we provided toys and stimulating learning materials.

See pictures of this project.

We want to thank Art to Heart: Philippine Typhoon Relief Fund for making this project possible.