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A Boat Kept Erica Mae Safe

Erica Mae and her family's experience during the August 2013 floods which affected her community illustrate why every flood prone community needs a well trained rescue team equipped with a rescue boat.

When rapidly rising flood waters trapped Eric and his two month old baby Erica Mae on his home's second story he had few options. "If there hadn't been a boat, I would have made a raft out of wood and styrofoam for Erica and swum toward higher ground." The dangers of putting a baby on an improvised raft in fast moving flood water are obvious.

Happily, thanks to you, the rescue team in Eric's neighbourhood has a boat. They were alerted to the trapped baby, went to the house, and brought Eric and his daughter to safety.

During the August floods, Eric and his daughter we among hundreds rescued by boats funded by donors like you. But there are still far too many families living in communities without a rescue boat. They're vulnerable to the annual floods which affect their homes, but you can help.

A boat costs £500. Every donation brings us closer to a boat to keep kids like Erica Mae safe. 

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