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The Aram Learning Studio

We helped the The Aram Learning Studio get back on its feet after typhoon Haiyan.

Thanks to our work the school is once again providing developmentally appropriate learning support and literacy intervention for children with developmental disabilities so that they can become productive community members.

The Aram Learning Studio was founded by local Charina after her own son, Shane, was diagnosed with autism at age two.

Shane had lots of difficult behaviours when he was younger, such as biting and scratching, but when Charina looked for help for her son and her family she found that there was virtually no support available for children with Developmental Disabilities. Charina wasn’t happy to simply see her son and children like him simply go without therapy, so she teamed up with Special Education Professional Firie and founded the Aram Learning Studio.

The Aram Learning studio offers a myriad of services for local children and their families. These include speech and occupational therapy programs, one-on-one therapy, small group therapy and parent education training. The school’s early intervention program for very young children with autism is life-changing for many families.

The school also caters to young people with more mild learning disabilities through vocational training for older kids with special needs and after school support for children with learning needs who attend regular school.

Immediately after the typhoon we helped to clean out the school, replace the damaged furniture & lost school supplies, and to carry out repairs. With repairs complete and the school open again, we then provided financial support to meet all of the school’s running costs for three months. This included paying the teachers that give Shane and his classmates the support they need.

As more of the kids parents became able to contribute again we scaled back our support but continued helping to meet some of the school's running costs. In late 2014 we extended further help to upgrade the school’s infrastructure and make minor repairs following typhoon Ruby (known internally as Hagupit).

We’re not currently providing regular help to the school but we will consider any additional requests for help that are received.