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Andy Chaggar: Chief Executive Officer

Andy has over ten years of experience in eight disaster zones and is a co-founder of IDV.  As a former Project and Operations Manager he has managed thousands of volunteers and is also a survivor of the 2004 Asian tsunami.

Andy's professional, personal, and academic experience continually inform his actions as leader of IDV both at home and overseas.


In 2008 Andy was awarded the Andrew Lochhead Prize for International Development after gaing a distinction in his Masters degree.  In 2010 the Vodafone Foundation awarded Andy the prestigious World of Difference International Award and, two years later, the even more select World of Difference Grahame Maher Award.


M.Sc.Econ Social Development Policy and Management (University of Wales, Swansea, UK)
B.Eng. Electronic Engineering (De Montfort University, Leicester, UK)

Personal Notes

Andy is originally from Leicester in the UK but, after gaining his engineering degree, he spent six years living in Munich, Germany. He then quit his role as a senior design engineer in order to travel.  Sadly he was only seven weeks into a planned one-year trip when the 2004 tsunami struck Thailand, where he was spending Christmas. Both seriously injured and bereaved Andy has since dedicated his life to disaster response.

Over the last ten years he has lived and worked in Thailand, Peru, Haiti and the Philippines, and he acted as IDV's Operations Manager in the latter two locations. Since 2013 Andy has been mainly based in the UK from where he oversees all of IDV's operations. While he misses being in the field he is secretly starting to like his sofa and being able to watch "The Great British Bake Off".

Why did you join IDV?

"Prior to co-founding IDV I worked with two US based organisations who also used an inclusive volunteer model. While I will always be a big fan of their work my own experiences in the tsunami meant that I wanted to be a part of an organisation that, while using volunteers, also assisted survivors in directing their own recovery, rather than just doing things 'for them'. This led me to co-found IDV."