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Adarsha School

The Shree Bim Adarsha school is located in Bhaktapur, which is not far from Kathmandu.

The school’s concrete columns and beams were left structurally intact by the earthquakes but many of its classrooms’ walls collapsed, and school furniture was also destroyed or damaged.

As a result the kids were forced to attend class in a transitional classroom, but the noise and temperature have made it difficult for them to learn effectively.

As a result attendance dropped from around seventy before the earthquake, to about fifty students afterwards.

In response we worked with our partners, Volunteers Community Nepal, to repair and retrofit four of the school’s permanent classrooms.

We rebuilt the collapsed walls on these classrooms and provided new doors and windows when the original ones could not be salvaged.

We also “built back better” by reinforcing both the existing and new walls. We also rendered the four classrooms, and painted them to give them a beautiful new look.  

This work has revitalised the education of the kids currently in attendance, and will encourage the others to return.

See photos of this project.

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