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About Buklod Tao

All of our DRR work in Manila is run in partnership with an amazing local group called Buklod Tao.

Buklod Tao is a registered Filipino nonprofit that has been fighting for a stronger, more disaster resistant Banaba since 1996.

Today they have more than 600 members.


From helping vulnerable community members become more food secure to organising community rescue teams Buklod Tao helps hundreds of Banaba's families fight back against disasters and the impacts of climate change.

They work tirelessly everyday to maintain and develop a safe evacuation space, build rescue boats, promote livelihoods opportunities and to engage young people in protecting their environment.

Despite their great work, Buklod Tao struggles to raise the funds it needs to execute projects. This slows projects down and reduces Buklod Tao's capacity. That's where we come in.

Thanks to the Vodafone Foundation's Grahame Maher Award we deployed volunteers to Banaba from February 2013 to September 2013. While in Banaba our volunteers invested in Buklod Tao’s physical infrastructure and helped strengthen their existing projects. We also invested in Buklod Tao's own ability to fundraise.

Overall, our volunteer deployment increased Buklod Tao's capacity to make positive changes in its own community.

Even though our volunteers have now left Banaba we continue to work with Buklod Tao and provide funding and technical support. Our ongoing work with Buklod Tao includes building rescue more boats, preparing for future floods, training rescue teams, and a great deal more.

Please give now to support our work with Buklod Tao.