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2012 Report: Our Vision and Holistic Approach

In 2008, we founded IDV because we had a vision which simply wasn’t being executed anywhere else. We believed then, as we believe now, that community based disaster recovery can be driven by responsible international volunteer involvement.

We’re committed to removing the barriers that prevent citizens from around the world from participating in disaster response while ensuring that their goodwill and energy is funnelled responsibly into community based projects.

This is not “voluntourism” – it is real, tangible investment by global citizens in the lives of disaster affected communities.  Our work in 2012 reflects both our charitable objectives and our deeply rooted belief in the power of volunteer investment in community based programming. 


Haiti also brought the importance of considering survivors’ needs holistically to the forefront. Our goal is to help survivors recover sustainably in the long term. This means that we must build local capacity so that survivors can meet their own needs in the future.

This seems such a simple, common sense goal, but survivors’ needs following a disaster are complex and interconnected. To meet a need in one area, we must also often consider related factors. In practice this means that our projects often provide integrated support across various areas to achieve our overall goal of sustainable recovery.  

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